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This article is about the class of 2023! Article If you press the link you can also view the ongoing stats for Manitowoc Lutheran High School Girls Varsity Basketball: Stats.

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Best Shoes and Style
Street Shoes Vintage/Aesthtic Shoes Basketball Shoes
Jordan 4 Military Black Jordan 1 Barcelona Sweater Dame 7

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This is the breakfast menu

Eggs - $2.10 Pancakes - $4 Ham, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich - $4 Waffles - $4 Orange Juice - $2


This is the lunch menu

Grilled Cheese - $5 Hot Dog - $3 Pizza - $6 Hamburger - $4 Taco - $3


This is the dinner menu

Spaghetti and Meatballs - $7 Enchilladas - $6 Steak - $5 Broasted Chicken - $8 Soup - $5


May 27th 2021

Wake up at 3am and go feed calves. Finish before 10am.
Go home and sleep for 30 minutes. Get ready for other job
Be there by 11:30 Be done by 2:30
Be at the farm by 5 to feed calves Get done at 10 and go home
Gracie holding Mozarella

Gracie Mack

Gracie Mack, born Beatriz Valladares Garcia Espinoza Martinez David was born in Masaguan, Escuitla, Guatemala. In the dark hot harsh streets of one of the most gang affiliated ares in Guatemala. She was put up for adoption 4 weeks after birth. She was brought to the U.S. by a family who lived in Wisconsin. She grew up in a small town on the east side of Central Wisconsin. When she was 9 she moved to the lakeshore of the east side of Wisconsin. In a town of 30,000 people.

Gracie always enjoyed playing basketball and soccer. If she was being honest she'd do that for the rest of her life. Now Gracie is 17, turning 18 in 2 months. Graduating soon. She has her future layed out. Truth is she wants to moveto Miami but will most likely move to Rochester, New York for a really good friend of hers. She will pursue her passion and dream to be a professional photograper, videographer, and cinematogropher. From battling depression, anxiety, and ADHD she has come far to say the least.

Oscar mirror selfie

Oscar De Paz

Oscar De Paz, born in Masagua, Escuintla, Guatemala was the third born from his mothers family. His childhood he was with his mom, sister, and little brother. The four of them did everything together. Him and his little brother grew up side by side. As Oscar got older him and his brother went to live with their grandparents. Oscar went to online school. He is currently 16 years old. He wants to play soccer when he grows up.

Cristian outside cabin

Cristian De Paz

Cristian De Paz was born in Masagua, Escuintla, Guatemala. He was the fourth born from his mothers family making him the youngest. His whole childhood him and his brother Oscar spentevery waking moment together. Never seperated. That was until they both got older and started learning they had different likings. Cristian is very close to his mom and sister. Cristian also goes to online school being 14 now. He wants to do something with music when he grows up.

Breshlyn with her 21st birthday cake

Breshlyn Valladares Espinoza

Breshlyn Valladares Espinoza was born in Masagua, Escuintla, Gautemala. She was the first both from her mothers familymaking her the oldest. She grew up with her mother and they were very close. She was the first to graduate in her family. She went to law school and studied. She is currently 23 years old. She wants to travel the world and be free.

Manitowoc Lutheran Report Card
S.No Name_______ Subjects Total Marks Obtained Marks Percentage
Math British Literature Environmental Science
Grade 1 __% Grade 2 __% Grade 3 __%
Manitowoc Lutheran Report Card
S.No Name_______ Subjects Total Marks Obtained Marks Percentage
Digital Media Photography Art
Grade 1 __% Grade 2 __% Grade 3 __%
Manitowoc Lutheran Report Card
S.No Name_______ Subjects Total Marks Obtained Marks Percentage
Fitness Leadership Government Apologetics
Grade 1 __% Grade 2 __% Grade 3 __%

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